Roofs leak for many reasons, what we would inspect for is damaged or broken tiles and slates, damaged chimney flashing, damaged ridge tiling at the top of your roof, damaged lead valleys, these issues can cause leaking in different areas of your roof, contact us and we can call out to give your roof a thorough inspection to source the leak

Signs you need a new roof are, slates sliding from the roof where slates are no longer supported by roof timber latting, decayed worn felt, leakage penetrating from roof in to your attic and ceilings, rendering falling from slates inside your attic all these factors plus the age of your roof through wear and tear will determine that it’s time for a new roof.

We would call out and do a complete survey of the old existing roof, we can then talk you through the options of the installation of a new roof, this entails scaffolding the property, stripping your roof back to the jocying, removal of debris from roof, warm attic insulation, new membrane and baton timber over complete roof, re slating complete roof with slates of your choice to suit the property, lead flashing chimneys and complete ridge tiling, A new roof should be durable and long lasting essentially it is a roof for life.

A new roof that is properly installed by a qualified roofing company should last a lifetime, we give a 30 year guarantee on new roof work but your roof should last a lifetime.

We would recommend that you install a skylight in to these spaces, Velux is the leading brand for skylight installation, we can supply and install your Velux skylight in any size or you can have a custom made insulated skylight in your flat roof to bring light in to this space. Velux window’s that are installed correctly are very durable and should last a long period of time.

Flat roofs issues include, ponding water, broken or blistered felt, loose wall flashings, saggy surface timber this all put together leaks in to your roof causing internal leaks, here you have two options you can liquid seal over your existing felt roof providing the timber surface underneath is in good condition, you can strip complete roof and replace with new timber and paralon felt membrane, there is various options when deciding to survey a flat roof

Yes we repair and install guttering, we can call to inspect your guttering and clean and repair them or replace, we use Hunter Gutter’s for replacement which is a top quality guttering. A leak from damaged guttering can cause damaged to your internal walls as the water is penetrating through the external walls of your home

This is a common issue with property owners in Dublin, we do need to wait until the birds or seagulls have nested and gone, we would then install chimney cages, pots or guards to the chimney and this will deter them from nesting the next time they come as they will come back to the same chimney each year

We would not advise that you repair your roof as there are safety issues and you may damage the roof further, we recommend that it is best to contact a reputable roofing contractor who will advise you on the best options to repair or replace your roof

Yes we are 50 years established in the roofing trade since 1970, we are fully insured and have employers and public liability insurance, all our tradesmen are safe passed

Yes we are a proud and long established member of The National Guild of Master Craftsmen, all our vans carry the National Guild sign, which means we have met the standards and criteria set out by the guild.