Asbestos Re-Roofing

Our expert team have been servicing and removing asbestos from Dublin roofs for
over 40 years and our reputation and safety speaks for itself.

Asbestos is no longer used in construction, it is highly dangerous and if it is broken or cut with an angle grinder it will give off toxic asbestos dust, the better the condition the lower the risk from old asbestos roofs. Roofers Dublin specialise in removing asbestos from roofs and re roofing the same property with a non hazardous material, we also provide a cert from the council for disposal of Asbestos in addition we have a safety statement certificate for welfare at work (Exposure of Asbestos Regulation 2006) this certifies that our expertise in working safely with asbestos and asbestos handling conditions.

We can remove Asbestos from any roof but we must replace it with a new roof.


Our expert team have been servicing and removing asbestos from Dublin roofs for over 40 years and our reputation and safety speaks for itself. We don’t compromise on quality to meet your budget with a fair price.

Does my property contain Asbestos?


Asbestos was most commonly used as a spray coating on home ceilings, insulation boards, concrete walls, steel work and factories for fire protection. Asbestosolux and Marinite were the products used, also in Tegral Roof Slating and Asbestos Corrugated sheeting on a vast amount of property all over Dublin and Ireland and the rest of the world. It is extremely toxic and highly dangerous to your health if inhaled it can cause lung damage and is life threatening, it is extremely dangerous if it is broken, damaged, badly cracked or cut with an angle grinder causing asbestos dust particles this is the toxic element.

When to call and Asbestos Specialist?

•  Cracked Asbestos signs
•  Warped asbestos sheeting unsafe

•  Broken asbestos roof slating
•  Asbestos ceiling warped unsafe
•  Asbestos toxic dust particles
•  Heavy object on Asbestos roof can cause damage
•  Boiler house in homes with asbestos roof 
•  Close contact near asbestos sheeting
•  Check your property for signs of asbestos
•  Wear disposable protective clothing

Reasons to select Dublin

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We have the experience to complete work to the highest standards to meet our customers needs and satisfaction, We are a reliable company and are a certified registered roofing contractor in Dublin.

If you need work on your property weather it be household or commercial we can provide you with our professional roofing services, Our team of experts can help you with all your roofing needs which include , new roofs, flat roofs, roof repairs, emergency roofing, skylights, guttering, tile and slate replacement, asbestos re roofing, traditional copper and lead roofing, commercial and factory roofing. We are fully insured and safe pass approved.

We provide a free callout and quote inspection and we won’t be beaten on a fair price for quality workmanship, We offer a 30 year guarantee on new roof work, We are a proud long established member of the National Guild of Master Craftsman.


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